Lisa Porter

This group exceeded my expectations. Michael not only imparts knowledge and advice, he provides a detailed framework and strategy to implement to get your off to a flying start. It has revolutionised the way I do business. The results have been immediate and the network I have been introduced to has been invaluable. Lisa PorterEat, Fit, Food

This is one best things that I have ever attended. It changed my whole perspective on the way networking should be done, the type of questions that you should ask and provided the skills to implement systems to ensure a constant flow of referrals. It is very apparent that Michael loves what he does and wants your business to succeed and grow. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone that wants to grow their business. Jace PearsonTerralinks

As an entrepreneur and running multiple companies, I’ve always understood the power of networks, but never really knew how to get the most of them consistently. I decided to do something about it and improve my knowledge and situation. Michael shows you the EASY way to gain business. I will never have to make a cold call again! Jason BettingerWebfixers

Scott Ward

I thought I knew a bit about referral marketing! However, it was lacking structure and consistency. I was receiving a handful of referrals each month, but not qualified and not the right ones. In just the first 3 hours of the course we found 25 referrals. Incredible! James ShortOwner Of Goals Tribe

Although adept at build networks of friends, understanding how to build an equivalent referral network for my business was proving to be a slow process. This assisted me to focus on the required aspects of generating and managing referrals, and gave me a system which has made it a simple and repeatable process. Scott WardDigital Infusions

Coming from an Account Management background I pride myself on building strong relationships. I’d received a few referrals now and then, but they certainly didn’t walk through the door on a regular basis. Amongst other things, this provided me with a structure, templates and network to build a referral system. Louise Thyler

Caroline Gilroy

What I found was a network of businesses that understood the importance of building relationships and and the importance of helping other businesses to achieve success. With Michael’s guidance the group has generated far more valuable referrals than I had previously been able to through other networks. Alan StevensThe Celebrity Profiler, Executive Coach and Trainer

Referrals are the best value business development tool for attracting and securing new clients, and whilst I was getting a lot of repeat business and referrals from existing clients I was not getting as many as I wanted from my business contacts. This is a no brainer for those wanting to get more referrals. their referrals. Caroline GilroyPurple Lightbulb

As a start up business I needed to find a marketing specialist that could provide me with the marketing tools I needs to enable me to get the right clients and keep them. I was blown away by the detail, the passion and the strength. I have the ability to succeed and helping others to succeed as well. Judith HarrisRisk Insurance – Strategic Specialist