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The Partnership VIP Club affiliate program is like no other. It is the number #1 referral & partnership marketing training and education in the world and a community that wants to help one another generate more business.

The Partnership VIP Club is the only real global referral community in which all the members can:

  1. Get the right training and education to generate more referrals
  2. Have on going education and referral plans to follow
  3. Have a global community for them to build new referral relationships with
  4. Have a global community to promote their business through business deals with
  5. Have a global community to create joint ventures with

Why is this club so different:

  1.  It is based on the community all being taught how to help one another
  2. It is based on everyone in the club helping one another
  3. It is based on teaching people how to partner up with one another
  4. It is based on giving people clear plans and systems to follow to increase their referrals

Our affiliate program is run through the biggest affiliate network ‘Click Bank’

To Get Started As An Affiliate All You Need To Do Is Complete This Form

  1.  Fill in the affiliate registration form by clicking right here

After that Renee are affiliate manager will set up your affiliate clickbank account and send you all the login details and promotional links to get you started.

If you have any questions, problems or need help in getting started please contact us at support@referralmarketingguru.com.au

We look forward to working with within our affiliate program

PS – If you are interested in the Partnership VIP Club and would like to see the membership area and back end please send an email to Renee at support@referralmarketingguru.com.au and she will set that up for you.