Join Us At The Next “Partnership Club Opportunity Day” And You Will Discover How To Grow Your Business Through Referrals, Affiliates, Cross Promotions, Joint Ventures, and Strategic Partnerships…

I’m sure, like me, you have put in a lot of time, effort and money into building your business. So Just Imagine If…

  • There was a way to cut your marketing costs in half
  • There were other people that would help fill your sales funnel for you
  • There were networks, partners, contacts that would expose your business to new people everyday
  • There was a way to get back some time into your life
  • There was a way to make your business more profitable and quickly

That Is What The “Partnership Club Opportunity Day” Will Show You

Are You Tired & Frustrated By:

  • The lack of return you get with your current marketing strategies
  • Having no marketing strategies at all
  • The lack of people who want to collaborate with you
  • Creating 1 sale at a time rather than being more leveraged and creating 5 / 10 / 20 sales at a times
  • Having to fill your sales funnel all by yourself
  • Not having a sales funnel full at all
  • Not growing your business as quickly as you believe you should be
  • Not having referral partners who pass you business weekly
  • Not knowing what cross promotions are and therefore not doing any
  • Wanting to play a bigger game than those others around you

If You Answered “YES” To Any Of These Statements Then You Need To Request A Guess Pass To Be At The Next Opportunity Day.

You will change the way you do business, get new business and grow your business forever. You will meet new people to help grow your network with, get leveraged into other people’s networks & contacts and create new opportunities that you would not have believed possible.

The “Partnership Club Opportunity Day” Is Not A Traditional Networking Event

Our event works like this, you will:

  • Discover why you do not get the amount of new business you want. 7 simple points that will change the number of opportunities you create forever.
  • Discover how to get more exposure, doors opened, new business each and every day.
  • Gain new exposure into your business from hundreds of new networks
  • Gain new connections that can open new doors and fill your sales funnel for you
  • Gain new strategic partnerships from the people in the room

This Is Not:

  • A normal networking event or chamber event or BNI / Referral Group – What we do is off the charts vs what happens at those events.
  • For people wanting to sell to the other group members – This is about getting leverage into new networks, creating cross promotions and getting hundreds of sales and not just 1.

During Our Latest Events We:

  1. Created amongst 28 people – 760 new opportunities for the people in the room
  2. Created amongst 10 people – 280 new opportunities for the people in the room
  3. Created amongst 16 people – 475 new opportunities for the people in the room

If You Are Ready To Do Business The SMART Way Then Request An Invite To Our Opportunity Day Right Now

There is no other event like this in the country. An event that lays out the opportunities to you on a platter and then shows you step by step what to do next. If you are ready to grow your business through partnerships, create new opportunities, find win/win collaborations and grow your network instantly, then you need to join us.

Our Upcoming “Partnership Club Opportunity Mornings” Are All From 8.30am – 11.30am:

  1. Adelaide – Friday 9th October – Sports SA Training Rooms, West Beach
  2. Gold Coast – Wednesday 30th September – Southport Community Centre
  3. Perth – October 10th – Venue TBC
  4. Melbourne – Wednesday 23rd September – CBD
  5. Sydney – Monday 28th September – North Sydney

Because we only want serious people in the room who value the need for partnerships we do have a small cost of $45 associated with coming to “Partnership Club Opportunity Day”. This ensures we get the right people so that everyone benefits.

To Get An Invite To Our Next Opportunity Day Please Click Right Here