We Want To Thank You  For Helping Us Get The Right Sorts Of People Into The Partnership Club…

The Partnership Club is quickly becoming the #1 partnership, cross promotion, affiliate promotion and opportunity creating club in the country. The foundation is that everyone is taught the same and are given amazing networks to leverage into.

We want to thank you and reward you for helping us get the best of the best from around the country into The Partnership Club at some level.

There are 2 levels of the Partnership Club:

  1. The “Partnership VIP Club” which is all of the online portal, JV Forum Online & LinkedIn Partnership Group.
  2. The “Partnership Platinum Club” with all the benefits of the VIP Club plus monthly opportunity creating days, quarterly national opportunity days, closed Facebook group to create and leverage off hundreds of minds and experiences, plus so much more.

Our thank you program works like this:

1. For the VIP Club there is a single payment of $118.80 for anyone that becomes a VIP Club member. They need to go through your affiliate link and purchase online through the website.

For you to get your affiliate link to begin sending this to people – Fill in the affiliate registration form by clicking right here.

We will then create you a clickbank account and send you an email with your affiliate details and links.

2. For the Platinum Club our thank you program works as follows.

* For any person that you introduce to and is accepted into the Platinum Club you will get a 50% off gift from your next months membership subscription. This will be shown on your subscription invoice.

For example John is introduced to the Platinum Club and is invited to be part of Brisbane’s group. John subscription starts in September and therefore the member who introduces John has a 50% off gift applied to their October subscription.

* If you were to introduce 2 people and they are accepted into the Platinum Club in the same month you would get the 50% off gift in month 1 and then the other 50% off gift in month 2. They are not applied in the same month.

* A Platinum Club member can have only up to 2 accepted people applied in any given month. This will then be applied over a 2 month period, 1 per month.

Example: Joe as a Platinum Member has 2 people accepted in June and 1 person accepted in July and 2 people accepted in August. We would give Joe a 50% off gift in July & August (for June), September (for July) and October and November (for August)

* There is no affiliate link needed for The Platinum Club as we ask each new potential member how they came to us, so we will who they have come through.

* The best way to get people to see if the Platinum Club is the right fit for them is to invite them to an upcoming “Partnership Club Opportunity Morning” event which can be found at www.thepartnershipclub.com.au/event

The idea of the thank you program is to do exactly that, for us to say thank you for introducing us to amazing people in your community that you feel that everyone in The Partnership Club could benefit from knowing.