Partnership Club Policy Page

Just to keep everyone on the same page, here are the simply policies and procedures for all Partnership Club members

The Partnership Club Acceptance Form & Promise 

Here is what we want our relationship with you to be based on. There are many things you can expect from us and a few things we expect from you.

We Will… 

1. Work with you one-on-one to create a customized action plan and build out all your foundations so you know exactly what to do in your first 60 days.

2. Work with you to create your known for, tool, landing pages, email sequences, thank you pages and have your CRM working.

3. Train you in the latest referral marketing & partnership strategies. 

4. Have working sessions with you live both face to face and in group sessions. So you don’t leave with a to-do list, you leave with work done.

5. Connect you with your tribe. An amazing group of high performing business leaders are as serious as you are, and will be your virtual community 24/7/365.  

6. Critique your work. We will give it to you straight with absolutely no bullshit because you don’t have time for niceties. We will rip apart your work and rebuild it together so it is better than you could have imagined. 

7. Coach you every 7 days so you are never more than 7 days away from the answers you need to get things done.  

8. Give you access to the training portal so you have all the scripts, templates and how to’s at your fingertips.

9. Listen to you. We will be accessible and respond to your requests within 36 hours. 

10. Hold ourselves accountable, if we ever let you down we will do our best to make it right. 

You Will…  

1. Be quick to implement, quick to ask for help when you need it, and quick to share your wins and lessons.

2. Be willing to invest your time, money, and mental energy in the development of your business  

3. Keep your 12 month commitment. 

Once the 12 month period is up you will continue your subscription month by month. After the 12 month period you may cancel with 30 days’ notice. Any subscription due during that 30 day period will be payable.

That means doing the work, showing up for calls, interacting with other members, and paying your subscription on time and in full. No excuses. 

4. Respect our IP. That means you may teach our material to individuals (with proper attribution), but not to groups or in public.

5. Have our 10xROI Guarantee in place for the first 12 months - Here is the link  

2. Over Due Payments  

We appreciate that overdue payments might occur with old credit cards or cards being cancelled. We expect that all overdue payments will be fixed up within 14 days. Sorry we also have team members to pay and families that rely on our business.

All payments that are 30 days or older will incur a 17.5% p/a late fee calculated monthly. Your subscription will continue during this time as per your agreement.  

You can always speak to Ashlie, who looks after accounts, at 

3. Pause Of Your Membership  

We know that life gets in the way sometimes and that is why you are able to pause your membership for a period of up to 2 months. This will ensure you keep your current Partnership Club Subscription rate. This is how it works.

There is a pause subscription payment of $100 per month while you are on pause. After that period you will go back to the club subscription that you were on. The 2 months that were paused will be added at the full subscription rate to the end of partnership club notice.

If you choose to cancel at the end of the pause period there will still be the 30 day notice period and another full subscription payment due.

Please Note: While on a pause... 

  • You will still have access to the FB Group and Training Portal
  • You will not be able to attend any live intensives or online trainings live

4. Cancellation Of Your Membership  

Your Partnership Club membership runs for 12 months. After the 12 months is up, your membership moves to a monthly subscription. To cancel we require 30 days notice. Any subscription due during that 30 day period will be payable.

If you cancel within the first 12 months then the 12 month subscription is payable as per your agreement. We do not provide refunds for monies paid.