Welcome To The Partnership Club Tribe...

Partnership Club is a global tribe of coaches, consultants and professional service businesses that create amazing opportunities for one another, learn how to create more referrals, use their networks more effectively and fill their sales funnels through partnerships.

We Help People Who:

  • Only have a trickle of referrals or none at all
  • Have limited marketing channels or systems and they feel that they are just throwing mud at the wall, hoping it might stick.
  • Have no plan, structure, system and using a 'hope' and 'luck' strategy with their networks and partnerships

We Take People To:

  • Having a clear plan and path forward to generating more referrals, leads and opportunities
  • Not having to spend thousands of dollars on marketing
  • Having a consistent flow of quality leads into their business

We Give People:

  • A clear, structured model to follow to generate more referrals and leads into their business
  • The how to plans, templates, scripts and marketing channels
  • A new network to tap into
  • The ability to create opportunities with other club members
  • The ability to be around other like minded and driven business owners

We have 4 key sections to help do this with you...

1. Plan

  • 60 Days to winning onramp
  • Weekly implementation sessions
  • Training Portal

2. Tools

  • Plans & Systems
  • Scripts, Templates & How To's
  • Monthly Training Webinar

3. Help

  • Monthly 30 Day Planning Session
  • Monthly Live Q&A Check In
  • Private FB Group

4. Community

  • Live Events
  • Monthly Online Meetup
  • Access to our networks