The 15 Commandments Of Being A Partnership Club Member

Being A Partnership Club Member Is An Honour For Us All... These Are The Simple Commandments That We Live By...

  • Thou Shalt Want To Make A Bigger Impact & Help Others. 
  • Thou Shalt Create Leverage In Their Business. 
  • Thou Shalt Build Their Marketing Systems Daily. 
  • Thou Shalt Not Go After Shiny Objects. 
  • Thou Shalt Be Engaged With Up To 70% of Club Online Activities. 
  • Thou Shalt Be At Every Intensive Unless They Are REALLY SICK.  
  • Thou Shalt Have An Abundance Mindset & Concentrate Their Energies On Growing Their Business. (No Complaining / Whinging)  
  • Thou Shalt Get Paid From Their Clients.  
  • Thou Shalt Ensure Their Subscription Is Paid On Time & Everytime.  
  • Thou Shalt Want To Be The Leader / Authority In Their Space.  
  • Thou Shalt Ask For Help Quickly  
  • Thou Shalt Celebrate Their Wins In The FB Group As They Happen.  
  • Thou Shalt Communicate Effectively & Be Open To Creating Solutions  
  • Thou Shalt Create Win/Wins & Amazing Opportunities.  
  • Thou Shalt Want To Play A Bigger Game Than The Average Person.