Partnership Club Ambassador Page

We really appreciate you being a Partnership Club ambassador!

We know that good people know good people and the only people we want in Partnership Club are good people. 

So rather than getting cold traffic and a bunch of people who don't know us, like us or trust us we would prefer to reward you for helping us and being a Partnership Club ambassador.

How The Ambassador Program Works

There are two ways in which a person can become a Partnership Club member. Either through coming as a guest to an intensive or by applying and creating a plan with us. No matter which way it is we have you covered.

The simple page at - helps guides a person through and allows them to make a decision that is right for them.

So all we ask our ambassadors to do, is promote that page to the people they come across in their networks, that they fill would benefit in coming along to an intensive.

How We Reward You

There are 2 ways in which we would like to reward you for helping us as an ambassador.

  • If a person chooses to come as a guest we will give you $150 out of the $197 guest pass fee.
  • If a person then goes on to be a part of Partnership Club we will give you $1500 as a thank you gift.
  • If a person dosen't get a guest pass, but applies and becomes a Partnership Club member than we will give you $1500 as a thank you gift.

The $150 will be provided at the end of the Intensive event 

The $1500 will be provided as 2 monthly payments of $750 as their subscription is taken. 

This way we are all on the same page of what will occur.

If you need other resources or help then please feel free to reach out, otherwise it is just a matter of sending people to the Partnership Club Page at