THE PARTNERSHIP CLUB: The #1 Place To Fast Track Your Business Growth and Transform Your Referral Systems, Client Retention Strategies & Skyrocket Your Client Loyalty...

I believe that every Service Professional should be oversubscribed with new clients every month, they deserve to keep their clients for longer and they should have such loyal clients who share and promote their business everyday!

Unfortunately for 99% of service professionals out there it is the complete opposite.

If you think that doing a good job, providing a great service is good enough these days then you are gravely mistaken and it's killing your business as we speak.

Too many businesses believe that to grow their business, to get new clients, it's a question of what ads do I run, what funnel do I need, what sales script or ninja tactic should I model and on and on it goes.

It's the shallow questions and thinking that is actually stopping you from the impact and growth you truly deserve.

No one does anything with your business unless these 4 things happen

  • I RESONATE with you (know, like, trust)
  • I RESPECT you and what you do
  • You INSPIRE me to create a change
  • I can see how you will MAKE MY LIFE BETTER

Unless all 4 of these items occur in a persons mind, they can not do business with you.

Here's where it gets exciting...

You can tap into and influence any human by understanding the hardwiring of human beings

You can create this sense of overwhelming trust, this profound loyalty and this emotional bond with anyone around you, by having a business that focuses on the Limbic brain.

It's why we now with 100% certainty that we can FAST TRACK your business growth.

It's why we know that we can make you stand out above anyone else in your market place

It's why there is no one better, anywhere on this planet, in showing service professionals how to get more referrals, use their networks more effectively, leverage through partnerships, retain clients for longer and turn them into walking, talking, ranting, raving billboards.

BUT... It's more than that.

It's about Activating Extraordinary Moments through your business by tapping into our Limbic Advantage Model

There are 9 key questions that will help transform your client loyalty, referrals and word of mouth opportunities.

  • How strategic are you at influencing other people’s behaviour and have them resonating with you faster than ever before?
  • How clearly do you share the ‘why stories’ of your business to emotionally connect to your prospects, clients and networks in a way that they are inspired by you?
  • Do you intentionally create dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin in other people that accelerates deep loyal connection and relationships?
  • How effective and efficient are you at attracting new qualified prospects into your business? 
  • How robust is your process in warming up prospects and making them feel bonded to you? 
  • How powerful is your first 30 days of a new client process , to ensure they say to themselves ‘this was the best decision I’ve ever made’?
  • How engaging are you at demonstrating to your clients how much you really care about them and their lives? 
  • How strategic are you at ensuring every process within your business evokes positive emotions in others? 
  • How intentional are you at creating a movement with your clients, which in turn creates greater contribution throughout society?


We can confidently promise that when you join Partnership Club... you will be more remarkable, profitable and inspirational in your all areas of your business and life.

Here's just a few things you'll get when you are part of the tribe...

  • Experience massive, systematic growth in your business
  • Get taught the latest organic strategies (referrals, networks, partnerships) to get more clients
  • Learn the secrets to Human Marketing & dominate your relationships
  • Get the secrets behind building a million dollar brand that stands the tests of time & creates a legacy
  • Learn how to establish core values that serve as the foundation that you can scale your company on
  • Learn how to develop a winning culture that attracts fiercely loyal customers
  • Hone your leadership skills to train and replicate highly-skilled employees within the ranks of your company
  • Master sales in-person and online
  • Form strategic business partnerships & contacts with fellow members
  • Develop the mindset & mental toughness to push through any struggles and complications in your business & life
  • Get taught by secret guest instructors at every event. Not the ones you see traveling the speaking circuit ... True leaders and innovators that will help you get your business to the next level
  • Learn to implement the principles of success in business & life
  • Build your interpersonal skills & your ability to form positive relationships
  • Learn from Michael's network of exceptional peers and mentors. People who not only make millions of dollars ... but who also impact millions of lives through their businesses & lives every year
  • Become a dominant force in every single aspect of your business & life
  • Learn how to pursue your own potential for your ultimate happiness
  • Become a history-making influencer & make a difference in the world
  • Make a habit of crushing your professional & personal goals
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people and build life-changing relationships
  • Take complete control of your own dreams ... so you don't become a part of someone else's
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