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The Partnership Club

Partnership Club shows you exactly how to generate more referrals into your business. We provide you with the training, the skills and the network to create real referrals & partnerships.
These are opportunities that will add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

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Imagine If You Could…
Image result for small blue tick image  Have a network that got you new doors opended and bought you in qualified leads and opportunities daily.
Image result for small blue tick image  Have networks, partners & contacts that would expose your business to the right people daily.
Image result for small blue tick image  Have a way to get your sales funnel filled by other people daily.

This Is Like Nothing You Have Ever Done Before!
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What Partnership Club Is All About...

Creating Referral & Strategic Partnerships

What would having 66 people on your referrals team do to grow your business. That is 66 people that are finding opportunities for you EVERY day. This allows you to get into new networks and have qualified sales conversations.

Creating Joint Venture & Cross Promotion Partners

Imagine having your network and other people fill your sales funnel for you EVERY day by promoting your products and services to the people within their own networks. This can add hundreds of qualified people to your funnel.

Creating Engagment With Thousands Of Pepople A Month

Sales is easy when you have lots of people to talk to. Stop cold calling, stop having to give quotes, stop having no one to talk to. Having people sell your product or service to their network is a simple system that anyone can use.

What Others Are Saying:

"It's the results that count. Since being part of the Partnership Club, I've made new contacts and developed strong associations with like-minded business contacts. I've put these new tools into use and have seen a dramatic increase in my revenue forecast. More importantly, I've had immediate results."

Heidi Evans, Founder of My Life PA

"I thought I knew a bit about referral marketing!  However, it was lacking structure and consistency. I was receiving a handful of referrals each month, but not qualified and not the right ones. The Partnership Club has allowed me to learn new skills and be able to implement them immediately. Fantastic!"

James Short, Founder of Goals Tribe

"I could not recommend The Partnership Club and the services Michael provides more. His referral marketing insights and teachings has categorically changed the way I do business. Ever since joining my referrals have gone through the roof. If you or anyone is even thinking about getting more referrals, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed."

Matthew Brickwood, Founder of Spring Digital

Why Is The Partnership Club So Different:

We focus on giving you the right skill set to generate as many opportunities as you want. Giving you the skill set that will allow you to create an endless stream of referrals and new business opportunities. It's simple you will never generate referrals or get hundreds of opportunities from your network, unless you know how to.

(PS - going to networking events is not how)

When you bring hundreds of people together who all have the same knowledge, skill set and desire to help one another you will be amazed at how easy business is.

We have '2 day' Partnership Club events throughout the year, in Sydney and Los Angeles. These 2 days bring all members from all over the globe together to learn, do, introduce and help one another.

As a guest at our Club days you will... Meet a community of hand picked people that are movers and shakers. They will introduce you to networks you dreamed off, they will open doors for you that you thought weren't possible, they will help you become a success.

You will learn how to build referral partnerships and create new opportunities with your network and partners. This will create more exposure for your business than what you have ever had before.

This is not a networking event, and in fact we don't even fall into the same category... What we do is off the charts and there is nothing like it!

This is about leveraging into new networks, building long lasting partnerships, creating different cross promotions and getting your sales funnel full by your networks.

There is no other event like this in the world. An event that lays out the opportunities to you on a platter and then shows you step by step what to do next.

Would You Like To Come and Experience A Partnership Club Day?

The Partnership Club has 'Club Days' which are our 2 day events that run bi monthly in Sydney and Los Angeles. We allow a handful of guests to come along to those days and see what it is all about. We are very protective of our members and therefore you have to have a collaborative mindset, want more referrals and love implementing strategies that work. If this is you then please get your guest pass below for just $197 for the 2 days.