Partnership Club - Building Your Million Dollar Referral System

Are You Ready To Build A Million Dollar Referral System Into Your Business...

Imagine Having A Step By Step Process To Filling Your Leads Bucket With Free Leads, Referrals & New Opporunities EVERYDAY!


What Is Partnership Club:

Partnership Club is our global tribe... They are all building their own Million Dollar Referral System to put in place the right processes, plans and systems to generate as many free leads, referrals and opportunities as they need. At the same time Partnership Club provides a community of like minded businesses who support one another, create opportunities for one another, partner with one another and open doors for one another.

SImply put Partnership Club takes you from a EMPTY Leads Bucket To A FULL Leads Bucket without having to spend money on marketing

What It Is Not:

Partnership Club is not a Chamber Of Commerce, a BNI, a Referral Group. This is a program and training system to get you a better business with a FULL LEADS BUCKET (without having to spend money on traditional marketing). 

Does the tribe refer business to one another and create opprtunities for each other? They sure do and probably more so than in other places, because they are all thinking the same way and being taught the same values and actions to take. But realise you are building a referral generating system and that is our focus.

Who Is Partnership Club For:

Partnership Club is our family, our tribe and we are very particular on who we let in. The opportunities & the doors that will get opened are huge for the right sort of person. So we are looking for:

  • Coaches, Consultants & Professional Service Businesses that want to make a great Impact on the world.
  • People who need to fill their leads bucket.
  • People who want to build relationships with other people as a way to grow their business.
  • People who are coachable and willing to do things differently.
  • People who will take action quickly

Who Is Partnership Club Not For:

We appreciate that everyone is different and not everyone is a fit. That is why we wan't to tell you up front so you don't waste your time. If any of the following applies to you, thanks but this isn't right for you:

  • People who only want 1 marketing channel.
  • People who think cold calling is the best way to generate business.
  • People who don't want to change from what they are currently doing.
  • People who are hunters and are only focused on the next sales, rather than planting crops (relationships). 
  • People who have just started their business in the past 6 months.

Take A Look At The Million Dollar Referral System Video & What Partnership Club Is All About Video

Partnership Club is all about building your Million Dollar Referral System and getting you a full leads bucket without you having to waste money on Facebook Ads, SEO, Pay Per Click, Newspapers, Magazines, Trade Shows, etc. People buy from those they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST and no matter what sort of business you have, you all have a Human 2 Human business.

It's about gettng you known for what you are great at doing, building your referrals teams, your networks and creating partnerships to fill your sales funnels. It is about having tools that your marketing channels can promote for you and fill your leads bucket with qualified leads that want your solution.

Business is easy when you know how to ATTRACT qualified leads into your leads bucket everyday.

Partnership Club Shows You How To...


The starting point is making sure that you are referrable, that you can train your partners correctly and set up the right foundations for sucess.


You can't get a stream of referrals unless you build your referral teams. People who will create new business for you daily. We show you how build a team of 66 people who create new business for you.


There is no point having a network unless you engage with them and create conversations. Conversations = Money, but there is an art form if you want success. We will show you how.


If you are filling your sales funnels all by yourself you are doing it the hard way. We show you how to do cross promotions, how to leverage into networks and get other people to create business for you.


If you don't have a network to sell to, partner with or have them open doors for you, then you have a 'wasted network'. We show you exactly how to grow your network effectively and quickly.


There is always a FAST & SLOW way. When you can just follow a system that works and duplicate and model all of the plans you speed up your success and business growth. Let us help you create the blueprint and speed up your success.

Why Is Partnership Club So Different

I know there are a lot of things you can go to and be a part of these days. Seminars, Webinars, Networking Events, Workshops, Masterminds an the list goes on. 

So we have created something so different that it blows every perso away.

We focus on giving you a system and action plan for you to generate as many opportunities as you want into your business. We show you exactly what to do that will allow you to create an endless stream of referrals and new leads immediately into your business. 

You don't know what you don't know!

First we have a range of trainings to build your skill set and the system. Being a former teacher I have laid this out in easy to follow process that will get you instant results.

Second we implement the different plans we have created every week together, so that you build the right habbits and ensure you do the right actions.

Finally we bring or tribe together and everyone finds ways to help one another giving them more exposure, opening doors for each other and helping fill each others sales funnels.

You will learn how to build referral partnerships and create new opportunities with your network and partners. This will create more exposure for your business than what you have ever had before. 

This is not a networking event, and in fact we don't even fall into the same category... What we do is off the charts and there is nothing like it! 

This is about leveraging into new networks, building long lasting partnerships, creating different cross promotions and getting your sales funnel filled by your networks. 

There is no other program like this in the world. A program that lays out the opportunities to you on a platter and then shows you step by step what to do next. 

Here Are What Other People Are Saying About Patnership Club...

I could not believe how these simple strategies I was not using in the past. I'm kicking myself to think I could have had grown my business if I just knew what to do and how to do it. Michael this is brilliant!

Matt Brickwood - Spring Digital

We Do Allow A Handful Of Guests To Come And Join Us At Our 2 Day Live Event And See What It Is All About: 

At th event you will learn how to...

  • Use their networks better and generate new business everyday 
  • Create partnerships to fill their sales funnels and leverage into new networks 
  • Build referral teams so they can generate referrals everyday 
  • Grow their networks with the right sorts of people so that they can sell & partner more often 
  • Sell more of their products and services